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Jewels by Danielle Steel - Book Review - Nigerian Book Blog

Title: Jewels
Author: Danielle Steel
Published by: Dell
Year of Publication: 1992
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 480

Book Summary


At first glance, the storyline seems interesting enough but I have to say I found it incredibly boring and I had to give myself little pep talks to get through this novel, and that is a travesty in itself!! I wish there had been more narrative from William’s point of view, which would have been more interesting, instead of focusing on how graceful and pure Sarah was even though she fell in love with another man while her husband was away and lied about it.

Too much time was spent with Sara during the war, and there’s nothing happening there except she’s cheating on her husband; Please don’t tell me they didn’t have sex, so that makes it okay.
Then came the children and the business that brought about the title of the book, and things start to get interesting but again there is such a thing as too much drama and it’s not very appealing. Somehow all but one of these wonderfully privileged children end up being incredibly rich sexual delinquents.

The story is set between 1920 – 1991 and as you can imagine there is a lot of history to be explored in this period but as much as I enjoy historical details, I didn’t find any in this book interesting ( this could be a cultural thing or because I wasn’t enjoying the book any ways). I still feel this could have been a more interesting read if we could have had a little of William’s point of view during the war but I guess that would have made Sara look like a royal ass for enjoying her little walks and her British-educated German boyfriend.

William, obviously, is my favourite character here but he was just a device created to love and motivate/inspire Sarah, which i think was a waste of a good character. Most of the characters are deeply flawed and It’s difficult to find redeeming qualities in any of them; And i am not buying what the author is selling,trying to make Sarah look like a strong, wise and fill-in-the-blank-with-flattering-words matriarch.

All I see is a woman with no backbone when it comes to her children, I mean she is a great business woman, an excellent carpenter and so on but I can’t respect a woman that lets her son sleep with his brother’s wife under her roof without making him remember that she was the one that gave birth to him and he cannot be bigger than his maker. What rubbish!!!

This book was not for me at all, sure there are several qualities that make me understand why it is as popular as it is but am afraid there’s too much Yoruba in me for me to understand the mentality of the characters in this book. For now i will be sticking to some local flavour. Thanks.
P.S. If you enjoy romance, you will love this book. If you can’t live with “slow” people, I’ll recommend you find something else.


“What?” William looked stunned. “End up like Wallis Simpson? With five million dollars worth of jewels, a house in France, and a husband, however stupid he may have been, who adores her? My God, Sarah, what a ghastly fate, I hope not!”


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