The Drummer Boy by Cyprian Ekwensi | Excerpt

The Drummer Boy by Cyprian Ekwensi - Excerpts - Nigerian Fiction Stories

“With this samba of mine”, he concluded, “I shall always be happy.”

“I’m sorry to hear all this, Akin. I would have helped you, but we were just talking about my misfortune when we heard you singing. You see, that place where you are now sitting was once a thriving eating-house, until one of my customers burnt it down because I refused to marry him.”

“I’m sorry. But perhaps I can help you,” said Akin brightly.

“You? A little boy like you-but how?”

“Never mind! Do you cook well?”

“I think so. Most of my customers enjoy my food.”

“Can you borrow a little money from your friends? Just enough to cook one day’s meals?”

Ayike and her friend held a little consultation. Then Ayike’s friend said: I think I can manage a few pounds.”

“All right! I have a proposal to make. My father once told me about a certain place in England. People used to go there to eat; and, according to him, there was a man who sang to them as they ate. He  attracted many people to the eating-house because of his good voice. I’ll do all I can to draw crowds here with my tambourine. You can take all the money and build yourself a new eating-house. All I ask is a full stomach and a mat to lie on at night. When you have built the new place, I shall continue my journey. What do you say?”

– From the book The Drummer Boy by Cyprian Ekwensi

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