If the bad guys won…

Arrow +The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow - Bad guys

The world is coming to an end…

I said to myself once.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the intense desire of the writers at the CW to destroy the universe. Seriously, the writers on the shows highlighted in this post overlap and it amazes me how they keep finding ingenious ways to erase us all from existence.

Of course, the heroes on the prospective shows manage to thwart plans that they couldn’t seem to stop at infancy at the execution stage (that’s a story for another day), but I want to explore a scenario where the writers lost control of the situation (it happens to the best of us after all).

This is the tale of how all God’s good creation were completely obliterated by 3 men in 3 days:

At this point, if you follow any one of these shows ( Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow) but for some inexplicable reason you still have not watched the recently concluded seasons and you know you are sensitive to spoilers, kindly move your cursor (that white arrow thing) to the top right corner of your screen and click the big red button. Thank you.


Our bad guy’s name is Zoom (or Hunter Zolomon).

zoom - The Flash - If bad guys won

He is a serial killer turned speedster on earth 2 (this will go easier if you just pretend you know what I’m talking about), with a desire to be the fastest, baddest guy in existence. In order to achieve this feat, he builds a contraption that enables him destroy all the other earths in the multiverse (including his own earth, along with all competing speedsters), kills the other speedster on this earth (The Flash) and the police of the world in a neck snapping spree. Mission Accomplished.


While Zoom is basking in his success at Central City, just a train ride away, we meet Damien Darhk (Please, who comes up with all this yeye names?).

Damien Darhk - If bad guys won - Nigerian book blog

Damien Darhk or as i like to call him great-great-great to infinity grand pa Damien (He’s like a Gazillion years old…), is sick and tired of people (and their silly ideas, like free will), but instead of doing himself a favour with a well-aimed bullet to the brain; he’s built himself an ‘Ark’, underground of course, where he plans to live out the rest of his days with his beautiful wife and daughter along with their adequately medicated and properly brainwashed followers.

You see, Damien has juju power and fancies himself a god and every god needs worshippers especially after you have burnt the rest of the planet in a nuclear fire.

Oops. Sorry Zoom, i bet you wished you had stayed on your earth now.

Laughter - Nigerian book blog HEHEHE


Alas, these gentlemen could not have anticipated that they were literally wasting their time because… VANDAL SAVAGE.

If bad guys won - Nigerian book blog

Savage is by popular description “an immortal psychopath” and what does an immortal psychopath do when he has access to a time machine, a meteorite, a demi-goddess’ blood and some kind of incantation?

He erases time.

Yes, you heard me right, Vandal Savage has taken the world back to the beginning where he will be the first man, a very immortal man, which makes him a god and the creator of life.

Of course, there are a number of kinks that need to be worked out; like how does Savage survive a nuclear destruction of the earth? What are his plans for creating life, seeing as he’ll be the only human around? and so on, but I think you got the gist.

P.s. What’s with the obsession to become gods? Is that the highest level of badness a bad guy can attain to? Somebody explain this to me.

Obsessed with books.

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  1. Because they feel they need to be worshipped because of their ‘juju’ power.

  2. First time here! And I’m loving it. Oh you watch flash? Yay! I’ve found myself a movie twin. If there’s anything like that.
    I think the second half of the flash episode fell flat kind of and they were kind of lazy and started making Barry look silly.
    Okay so back to your post, It sells. The thought of wanting to wipe out everyone else. Man trying to attain the highest which is impossible. And how come America is ‘the whole world’ that always gets portrayed in movies to be destroyed.

    1. Lol, i think we can blame budgets and politics for ‘America is the whole world’. I don’t want to watch them destroy my country, even in the name of art.