My mind: A Reality Show? (3)

My mind a reality show

Random thoughts I’ve had this week…

  • Does everyone substitute themselves for fictional characters in TV series in order to fall asleep? Please tell me I’m not the only one in these streets  XD. I think i have run through all the female characters in Supernatural, Arrow, Dark Angel,The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Game of Thrones, Smallville… I’ve even created a number of strong  and emotionally complex female characters.

  • Waiting is the worst, I hate waiting around. Yet it seems to be a top activity, doesn’t it? I think it’s interesting that it’s usually the most ridiculous things that require the longest waiting periods. As in, if you can’t handle your growing customer base, please close your shop so we can know what’s up. How many years of our lives do we spend waiting for one thing or the other I wonder?
  • I.K.E.D.C. is an enemy of progress…
  • I wish we could sleep for the future. Or sleep ahead. There seem to be days when you find yourself sleeping for hours with no foreseeable consequences, followed by days when you need your ‘alert brain’ at all times and 24 hours just isn’t enough.
  • Where do earthworms live? I know they live in the soil but what do you call their home? (Please don’t say soil, i can vex o). It’s not a nest, not a den, not a pen… I have spent an obscene amount of time thinking about this. Someone please put me out of my misery.
  • I feel like I’ve been living in a dreamworld for the last 5 years and I just woke up.It’s a good thing I’m a fast learner or the world would have really passed me by. When i say world, i mean this sub level (is that the right word?) of Nigerian life i overlooked for years. The people on this level listen to great Nigerian music (forget the noisemakers on your radio), read absolutely fantastic Nigerian literature, go to classy Nigerian events (and i don’t mean parties, i mean events like the recent ‘Chats and Cocktails‘ hosted by Her Network) and have thrived even in the midst of the current state of affairs in Nigeria. I am fascinated by the people on this level and i am ironing my dress, for i must join them.
  • I think Nigerian Gospel Music deserves a dedicated TV Channel, or is there one already that I didn’t notice in my dream state.

So this feature seems to be turning into a series. If you are here for the indefinite continuation of My Mind: A Reality Show?, Please raise your hands!

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  1. My hand is up! I want the reality show to continue!
    Um, earthworms don’t really have a “home” like that. They live in burrows that they make in the soil. And since they don’t live in one place; and go and come like birds, goats, and other animals, they can’t designate one place as their home. They change locations a lot. So they just go ahead and burrow a lot. As long as there’s soil, or if not, someplace moist sha, where they won’t desiccate; they’re home.
    That’s what I think tho.
    I said “soil”. Please don’t vex. Sowieeeeee. 😉