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29, Single and Nigerian Book Cover

2 months ago, I listed 5 books by Nigerian Authors I was dying to get my hands on. Unfortunately, I have only gotten to read 2 of these books fighting back tears which I subsequently reviewed here and here. Thankfully, neither of these books disappointed me and my resolve to complete that list remains as strong as ever.

Luckily, the book gods must have heard my cry and they sought to provide encouragement in the most unexpected way. I started using the Okadabooks app about a month ago, and I have been taking my time to explore all its features so I can give a proper review (Watch out for that…).

So, there I was lamenting at not being able to afford Naijasinglegirl’s book just yet (Yes, I have a budget for books.), when out of nowhere i was staring at it in the app. I have to admit i got so excited i would have screamed if my personality allowed it (Lol!!); i still managed a muffled squeal though, only to discover it was only a preview sigh. Apparently, she has opted not to publish her book digitally.

Oh well, I still had 5 chapters to enjoy; more than enough to form an impression. So, without further ado, here are my first impressions of 29, Single & Nigerian.

  • First, the story is way more than I expected. The excerpts I read don’t do this book ANY justice (At all!!). It is a big book, I read 5 chapters and it really was just a preview.
  • I loved the fact that we get to go to camp right at the beginning. For someone who still vividly remembers her NYSC camp nightmare experience, this made me surprisingly nostalgic. It is also fitting because the first time I met Naijasinglegirl she was talking about NYSC camp as well.
  • I always enjoy the use of flashbacks in books (not so much in movies though), and  Naijasinglegirl definitely has a gift for it. I feel I should mention here that this is her very first novel or work of fiction of any kind (though I’ve always suspected some of her posts are mostly fiction).
  • I am eager to see how Edikan turns into the butter chicken she’s forming in camp, because from what I can tell so far (from the flashbacks…), her future is not looking rosy at all.
  • I look forward to witnessing the accidental death of Aunty Agnes soon, preferable at the hands of her ‘precious’ son. (I know, I’m evil!!)

So far, so good. My appetite has been properly whetted and now I am ready to kill something to get my hands on this book. Just kidding… (Am I?)

If you feel led to do your part in making the world a better place; You can buy the book for me yourself right here.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments. Looking forward to it too? Let’s talk.

*Update:  So, after publishing this post, I was contacted by the beautiful Naijasinglegirl ( i have never seen her face but it doesn’t matter… :)) and she offered to send me a copy of her book within the week. Of course, i said yes immediately and frankly i am relieved i didn’t have to kill anyone’s baby to get this book. Thank God for small mercies…

Anyways I am off to read my new book, be on the lookout for a full review anytime from now. xo

**Update: Click to read my full review

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  1. Lol heading over to check out the okada app. Would be nice to see what Nigerian books I can read.
    Never heard of this book tho. Just visited her site and I think I have been on there a year or two ago. Loved her natural hair posts.

    1. Wow… Imagine. This book truly deserves major promotion. I hope in future she’ll be able to work with mainstream publishers. It’s been out for several months now and it still isn’t getting any attention. ):
      Okada app is definitely something to keep an eye on.

  2. The book is really interesting with a lot of funny acts. I recommend the book for every book lover.

  3. Lucky you got a copy. I have been itching to read that book but my budget ain’t accommodating at present.

    Yeah I just finish devouring the whole of Ake a few minutes ago. Thanks for indulging me 😉

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