Book Review – The JJC Handbook

Book Review - The JJC Handbook - Valerie Kerri

 The JJC Handbook: Adapting to the United Kingdom With Ease by Valerie Kerri

Published by: Author

Year of Publication: 2016

Genre: Non-Fiction; Guidebook

Pages: 66

Source: Bought

Publisher’s Summary

The ‘JJC handbook’ is a collection of helpful advice gathered over time by Valerie Kerri, after she moved to the United Kingdom.

With simple and easily adaptable steps, this book is invaluable to migrants from any country.

My Thoughts

If you are like most young Nigerians, you most likely have aspirations of getting educated outside the country. Or just a desire to emigrate in search of greener pastures. Some of you have even, whether passively or actively, searched for information on the subject. Which there is no shortage of, but only a few are relatable and easy to understand.

I should point that this The JJC Handbook is not about the immigration application process. It is a guide for aspiring UK immigrants. So the focus here is on everything that will ease the process of adapting to your new environment. Starting from what you should be packing, how to cope with culture shock to avoiding scammers, dealing with racism and so on.

The JJC Handbook has chapters focused on the international student and the Migrant Worker, with tips on how to pick the right school, friends, accommodation. Getting relevant experience, transitioning successfully into the workforce and generally, easing into ‘Adulting’. I particularly enjoyed the little nuggets of wisdom for the job hunter which I believe is also relevant in Nigeria.

My Verdict

This was an easy read, and It felt more like a series of blog posts. That’s a good thing since the tone is conversational, funny even. This made the book enjoyable for me, even though I don’t have plans to move to the UK. There are a few typos in there, but not so much to make reading stressful.

For such a small book, it is chock full of relevant and helpful information. It also comes with links to online resources, which could be valuable for young people who know no one. Which brings me to the only problem I have with this book: It’s not available in paperback in Nigeria.

My opinion is that this book won’t serve its purpose as a guide/reference book as an e-book. You should be able to carry this around with you. Please don’t say “but you can do that with e-books too..”. It’s just not the same thing.  Plus the cover is so beautiful, it deserves to be used as a fashion accessory, put on a shelf or hugged… Your choice.

I really hope there are plans to make this happen asap.

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  1. I believe that for ease to accessibility, this book should remain an ebook, it’s not the same thing but it adequately solves that problem.