Book Review – Bomboy

Book Review - Bomboy - Yewande Omotoso - Bookcraft Nigeria

Book review - Bomboy - Yewande Omotosho - Bookcraft Africa

Title: BomBoy

Author: Yewande Omotoso

Published by: Bookcraft Africa

Year of Publication: 2013

Genre: Literary Fiction

Pages: 181

Source: Bought

Publisher’s Summary

Leke is a troubled young man living in the suburbs of Cape Town. He develops strange habits of stalking people, stealing small objects and going from doctor to doctor in search of companionship rather than cure.

Through a series of letters written to him by his Nigerian father whom he has never met. Leke learns about a family curse; a curse which his father has unsuccessfully tried to remove.

BomBoy is a well crafted and complex narrative written with a sensitive understanding of both the smallest and magnitude of a single

My Thoughts

This has to be the most pointless book I have read in recent history. I think the author must be some kind of marketing genius. The only reason I finished this book was that there was always the promise of something MAJOR about to be revealed.

I kept turning the pages, waiting to get to the “climax” and it is not even a little climatic. I mean, the entire book could easily have been a short story and it would have been better that way. Instead, the reader gets dragged on what has to be a ploy to meet the required number of words to call it a novel.

The big secret/family curse has nothing to do with Leke’s strange behaviour. Instead of him getting professional help for his anxieties and antisocial tendencies, he “falls in love” and is magically cured. For Serious?!

And the relationship… Don’t even get me started on all the ways I think it’s unhealthy.

The writing is easy on the eyes, I’ll admit. The changing timelines took some getting used to, but I didn’t even mind that in the end. In fact, I found myself enjoying Oscar’s voice, even if he spent the entire book hinting at a pointless family curse.

The story itself was not very engaging. I couldn’t feel anything for most of the characters and I just hate when a new character’s narrative is sprung on me halfway into a story.

Bomboy really disappointed me. I must have written “I’m losing interest” about 5 times in my journal while reading this book and I really hate when I have to work to finish a book. Ugh!!

Overall Reaction


I do not recommend this book. It is completely pointless. Just don’t bother.


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  1. Hahaha. Sorry for the sufferness. I don’t know how you made it through the boom. Glad to see that you are still posting, despite your laptop crash.
    Also, I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award. Because I love your blog. Check it out on my blog.

  2. Wonderful, I came across your blog scrolling through WordPress. Pointless books suck, sorry!

    1. Welcome aboard, thanks for the comment. There’s nothing worse that realising you just wasted your time.

  3. Wow this is the first I’ve seen you really pissed about a book. For you to say it’s pointless, it must really be pointless. ??

    1. Lol. I won’t say I was pissed though… More like disappointed. This is a book that was shortlisted for the Etisalat prize for literature. #sigh

  4. Lol. This book must really be bad for you not you recommend it at all.

    I’m sorry you had to work to completely read it.

    1. Thanks dear. While I wouldn’t recommend it, I won’t stop someone from reading it. They could find that they enjoy it… It’s all subjective

  5. Hmm,I think the cover should have hinted at the crapload the book has to offer (though it’s an unwritten law if not a cardinal literary sin to judge a book by it’s cover).

    I am a fan of beauty and that cover and title is just NAHHH! Condolences dear

  6. Another vibe killer! I got this one too along with The Chibok girls and The Maestro The Magistrate and the Mathematician at the Ake book store. I must say that seeing your reviews is disappointing compared to the hype they got at Ake as all the writers were in attendance.

    1. Well, that is to be expected right. Would you really tell an Author you didn’t like their book at a platform like that? I wouldn’t. I’ll probably just be quiet, unless i really truly HATE the entire thing.

  7. What’s so strange is that I completely didn’t see the point of the book and then a few chapters in, I couldn’t put it down. I think Omotoso tried to explore “African/Nigerian superstition” and the weight and effect it has on people’s lives — a man as educated as Oscar still felt controlled by ‘unseen forces’. I think Omotoso was messy with punctuation and the likes but there were some lines and imagery painted that made me smile.

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