January WrapUp + Giveaway Winners

january 2017 - Blog Wrapup - Etisalat - African Literature - Homeland Reviews

January was a transformative month for me and my blog. I got to set in motion things that had been living in my head for months. As per my tradition of brevity, I’ll be sticking to the highlights.

  • Rebranding

    Naijabookworm - African book reviews - NollywoodSince you are reading this I assume you know that Naijabookworm is now Homeland Reviews. Self-hosting your own blog is a whole different ball game but I’m glad I did the work myself. It should come in handy when I start giving blogging tutorials *wink

  • Giveaway

    This is one of those things I promised to do last year. I would like to give away at least one book a month this year. If I get enough sponsors, that is. You should sign up for my newsletter and stay updated. This month’s giveaway, which ended last night, got over 100 entries. Which was a little scary but also loads of fun.
    I already announced the winners in my Instagram stories but if you missed it. Here are the winners. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to everyone who participated.

  • Guest Contributors

    When I started this blog, I had a goal to get at least 1 guest post per month. I never got around to it last year. Decided to bite the bullet this year. I put out a call for like-minded people and the response has been very encouraging. So far, we have 2 active reviewers who will be regular contributors to the blog. Hopefully, :). You may have met them already, if not here:

Aisha Yusuff

Tuawa Adenekan

  • Book Reviews

    I didn’t write as many reviews as I could/should have this month and I hope to catch up in February. But, I may have already read my favourite book of 2017. I look forward to the book that will knock Long throat Memoirs off the top of my list this year. I also finally got around to reading Binti this month. You can read my review here. 

  • Book Haul

    There wasn’t a significant haul this month. I only bought a couple of books, i.e Binti and And After Many Days. Got 2 e-galleys as well, Speak Gigantular and Welcome to Lagos. Because at this point in my life, I don’t want anything to do with ebooks. Unless there are no other options.

    I also shared some tips and tricks that will help you crush your reading goals this year. Read it here.

That’s it! January in a nutshell. I’ll be sharing some of the tools that have helped me stay organised at some point in the future. But I want to give a quick shout out to the Cassie Daves blog planner. I have a proper review scheduled for March, Lol. God willing.

How was your first month in 2017?

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  1. Congratulations on the domain and new blog home.All the best with all your plans.Have a great February and happy reading.

    1. Thanks a lot, love. Wishing you a beautiful February as well.

  2. Hello Temilade,
    I have been following your blog since last year. After you reviewed 29SN and I saw the link from NSG’s blog.
    I love the whole idea behind your blog. I am a bookworm too but I doff my hat for you. You have read way too much than me.
    I also want to congratulate you on the re-branding. I love it. I have been looking for how to do mine too.
    I noticed that your email is not on the blog. So, how can people reach you?
    Please, would you be willing to help with self hosting too? I blog on WordPress as well.

    1. You can use the contact page to send a mail, dear. We can talk about setting up your site then. 🙂 Thanks for the continued support, I appreciate you.

  3. I forgot to add this: I don’t mind being a guest contributor too. What are the modalities?

    1. I’m very glad to hear that. Send me an email and I’ll send you the information you need. 😘
      Love your blog btw