April Blog WrapUp – Yes To Audio Books

Yes To Audibooks

April! April!! April!!

The month I “discovered” audio books. Anyone who knows me will know I don’t particularly like experiments. I’ll do it if the potential reward is enticing enough but you won’t catch me on any adventures. There will be no bungee jumping here… Unless there’s money to be saved in the process. Then I am in!!

What can I say? It’s the Ijebu in me. Which is what brought me to audio books, I just wanted to read Stay With Me, a book I had waited for almost as long as this blog has existed. The promise of a free audio book on sign up was enough, suddenly I found myself ignoring the books on my shelf for the audio books on my phone.

This is how I ended up listening to 4 audiobooks in April.

Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo was a treat, you can read my review over here. However, it was Shonda Rhimes narrating her Year Of Yes who sealed the deal. This book wasn’t profound for me, while her story is uplifting and entertaining, there’s nothing in there my pastor hasn’t told me already. Nevertheless, I enjoyed listening to her a lot. Not enough to start watching Scandal but I really thought I would while listening to her. She even made me nostalgic for Grey’s anatomy. Ick!

Trevor Noah, though.

I love me a funny man and his book, Born A Crime, is equal parts heart-wrenching and hilarious. I had to keep reminding myself his recollections are not fictional and there are so many things that should be fiction. The star of his story is his mum, although there were several instances where I thought “this woman has to be crazy”. The biggest one being deliberately choosing to have a mixed child in the middle of apartheid.  Sure, now it’s clear it was predestined but come on! Why would you put your child through all that trouble? On purpose! but it turned out to be the best decision she could have made for the world. So:

I’m happy I chose to listen to this book but I’ll still be going for a hard copy once I jam some disposable funds.? The dollar is not trying to be BFF’s still. Luvvie’s I’m Judging You turned out to be “not so great”. It was fun but I’m glad I didn’t invest in a hard copy. That would have hurt.

The last book I read in April was Adam Abubakar’s Season Of Crimson Blossoms which I’ll be reviewing later this week.

Book Reviews

I didn’t blog as much as I could have in April, I have so many ideas but I don’t really enjoy writing, to be honest. My attention span is bite sized and writing demands all of your faculties. I know, how do I read all these books then? I can’t explain it too. I did manage to review a couple of books:

Also, the critic challenge is still on, you should get on that before it’s too late.

April Book Haul

Audi books - Blog Wrap upThe only paper book on this list is Stay With Me, which I’m saving for Ayobami Adebayo’s autograph.

– The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

– The Mothers by Brit Bennett

– Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

– It by Stephen King

Did you get any reading done in April? Have you read any of the books mentioned here? Share your thoughts below.

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