Red Pill, Blue Pill

It seemed like a good idea when I decided to take a couple of days off my blog, it felt good to take a step back and remind myself why I started in the first place. Then a few days turned into weeks and all of a sudden I couldn’t sit still in front of a keyboard. (The keyboard is still taunting me, I’m doing this on my phone for now.)

I need to strengthen my writing muscles again, so I decided to take part in a writing challenge. I found a fantastic one that was compiled by the team at and I am super excited to dig into these prompts.

It’s a year long challenge and if you’d like to join me, state your interest in the comments and I’ll upload the full calendar to the site.

Today is the 4th of June and the question is this: If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

I think the answer to this is pretty obvious. There is no way in hell I would substitute food with pills. Now if the question was would I consider a drink containing all the nutrition I need? I may think about it for a minute before I say “Nope, Nada, Oti”.

For one, food is more than nutrients. The act of eating is in itself a pleasure. I mean, if I took this pill does it mean I would have to forfeit the snack that accompanies my book? No more fried plantain or cheese? I rarely find joy in food preparation, I especially loathe the going to the market aspect of it but I wouldn’t even exchange that for a pill.

And what would you do with all your taste buds? I really hope this is not an actual thing scientists are working on ‘cos the idea is upsetting. Pills vs Food? How is this even a thing to consider?

Your turn. Would you, if you could, turn to pills for all your nutrition?

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  1. For some weird reason when I saw the title to this I remembered Mother’s Choice, by Agbo Areo; the bit where he was given two packs of hard drugs (one red the other blue) one was for a high, the other was to calm down. Forgive me for this irrelevant talk. Anyhow, no pill for me o! Food is such an event, from the moment I have the urge to eat the food to the point of shopping for ingredients, to cooking, then to dishing. It’s not just about the hunger or the nutrients but the taste and aesthetics of it. I hear humans are the only species that can eat when they are not hungry, if this is true, it just goes to show why a pill will not work.

    1. Thank you ??
      I couldn’t have said it better myself ?

  2. Pills for food? Lai lai. I would never be able to taste sour Garri Ijebu again! Ahhhh, I don’t even want entertain the thought.
    Who’s thinking nutrients sef? Me, I’m thinking of the juicy filling of a meatpie, the sauce that drips from boiled meat, the aroma of efo riro, the taste of ata díndin fried with palm oil…oh I could go on and on and on. Pills? Kò lè werk.

    1. ??? You’re not even interested in considering it at all. Good girl!