Never (Would I Ever…)

I love lifestyle blogs, the more personal the better. I enjoy reading about the intricacies of other lives. Learning from their challenges, realising I’m not so bad… These things make me happy.

When I think about something I would absolutely never write about though, it’s my personal life. When I read Victor Ehikhamenor’s recollection of how his mother ensured that family matters never got dished out for public consumption, I could relate to that. My grandmother lived with us when I was younger and I quickly learnt the importance of keeping my thoughts to myself. Now I’ll probably never know how much of this is due to my introverted nature but talking about myself is a chore.

Sharing your aspirations, faith, career journey with the world requires a certain self-involvement that I haven’t developed yet. I say “yet” because I realise that this post in itself is a contradiction to the statements I’ve made above. I guess I am capable of getting personal then. But where do you draw the line?

I draw the line at writing about my personal relationships, ongoing life projects, my faith, significant milestones, problems I believe are best resolved in private, my quarter life crisis and chronic loneliness. While I admire the ability to put it all out there in other people, I will not be writing on these subjects any time soon.

What is that subject you will never write about?

This post was inspired by the 365-day writing challenge put together by WordPress.

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