Books of June, And My Return From The Dead

Okay, I was being uber dramatic with that title. Though it does feel like I’m tearing bandages off my appendages and rising, mummy style, out of a very practical coffin. I know I have bad luck, this is something I embrace and have used to my advantage several times. My luck is so bad, I have never fallen into anything in my life. When I fall, it’s strategic.

Even before I got my blog planner, which I still haven’t reviewed #facepalm, I used any and everything I laid my hands on to make schedules. I have gotten really good at this, I could and probably should get paid to make schedules. That is the easy part. The real work comes when I have to follow my own carefully crafted schedule.

I’d like to blame the constant power outages, Glo/MTN, the last bout of malaria that tried to kill me… True story. I do have very valid excuses but the truth is 9 out of 10 times, the reason this blog is gathering dust is that I AM LAZY! Now, I would like to say I’ll never go away for as long as I did in May anymore. I do plan on taking this 365-day writing challenge seriously, but I’m only human and I beg for mercy in advance. Please don’t give up on me! I love you all so much!!!

Alright, now that’s out-of-the-way, let’s talk about new literature. Teju Cole is releasing a new book/travelogue/? this month, I know a lot of you guys are lovers of Teju Cole but I haven’t been able to get past Every Day Is For The Thief. This situation may be exacerbated by how expensive his books are in Nigeria, I simply can’t bring myself to invest in them especially since I don’t expect to enjoy them. Oh well! I still hope to read his books, one day, when I jam a good book samaritan. Lol.

The 2nd book, Night Of A Red Moon, is a debut novel set in Ago Iwoye during the bloodiest times of the university town. You can learn more about it below:

Blind Spot by Teju Cole

Teju Cole - Blind Spot

Release Date: June 13, 2017

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