Book Review – A Conspiracy Of Ravens

A Conspiracy Of Ravens by Othuke Ominiabohs

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Crime Fiction

Format: Paperback

Source: Bought

“Chaos most times is the perfect tool for distraction”

I recall my younger sister’s first words upon reading the title of the novel. She asked if the book was about a gathering of witches—Nollywood style. If those were your first thoughts, well… you are quite off the radar. A Conspiracy of Ravens is the second novel by Othuke Ominiabohs, the first being “Odufa: A Lover’s Tale”.

The novel is a crime thriller set in Nigeria and it is divided into three parts. Each part deals with events that happen simultaneously at different parts of the country. The novel explores the themes of love, revenge, betrayal, loyalty, deceit and war and its consequences.

The author skillfully and intricately weaves fiction with the historical, political and socio-economic realities of present-day Nigeria, leaving the reader wondering if such is not what happens behind the smokescreen called ‘politics’.

The novel is written in a third person omniscient using a linear narrative style. Great attention is given to the description of details even to the tiniest bit so the reader is fully immersed in the tale. With every chapter, the reader gets emotionally tangled with the characters, so you share their fear, love, excitement, anger, joy amongst other emotions stirred up in the novel.

The use of suspense cannot be overemphasized as it is what keeps the reader glued till the very end of the novel. I must say Othuke had me on this one.

The novel ends on a suspense-filled note but comes together beautifully like puzzle pieces forming a whole picture. I believe there is a follow-up to this book. I can’t wait…


Fantastic read. If you are a fan of crime thrillers and John Grisham, you will absolutely love this novel.

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