Book Review – Authentic Mama

Paulina (Iye Baby) is a businesswoman/professional mistress/sugar mummy. A force of nature who rules the “red light district” of Nimbe town (so to speak). Authentic Mama takes us through maybe a year of Iye Baby’s life as she goes through a midlife crisis or realization.

When the story begins, Iye Baby is on top of her game, her business is booming, her lovers are strategically placed and well-connected and she has mastered the art of bullying anyone who dares to challenge her. The blurb says the turning point is when a business deal goes bad but that isn’t really the case. Iye Baby’s time of reckoning comes at the height of her pettiness. At the moment when she’s about to set up herself as the biggest thing after Jollof rice, everything starts to go sideways.

Now, this sounds like a decent story and the narration style might even have made it easier to read if it had been executed right. This is not the case in Authentic Mama, the whole thing just didn’t come together. Granted, there was a myriad of colourful characters that ordinarily should have brought some excitement. However, once the characters were described everything else fell flat.

To be honest, the only reason I completed this book was that I needed to get my blogging spirit on. I had picked this up as my get-into-gear book and giving up wasn’t an option. Also for some reason, I expected the novel to be funny. No, wait, the blurb describes it as a hilarious satire. Now, while there were some funny moments in Authentic Mama, they were too few and far between to earn the term “hilarious”, you know. Anyways, the humour didn’t do anything for me and I barely made it through 180 pages.


I’ll admit to not being a fan of this novel. However, if you’re looking for a book that doesn’t require much mental and/or emotional investment to pass the time, then feel free to go for it. Recommended for a laidback reader… like, waaay laidback.

P.S. I received this book from Paperworth Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Book Review - Authentic Mama - Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze

Authentic Mama by Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze

Publisher: Paperworth Books

Release Date: 2017

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Length: 181

Source: Publisher (Review Copy)

Find It: Roving Heights

Paulina Omoregbe aka Iye Baby rules the nightlife of Nimbe town from her beer parlour with her magic touch and society connections. In spite of the constant dramas from fighting wives and jealous friends, she has succeeded in creating a good life for herself as a socialite and the President of the Imose Sisters Association of Accomplished and Distinguished Ladies.

Her life is however thrown into commotion when a business deal goes bad. Ushering her on to a downward spiral of confusion, disappointment and disaster. Can she overcome these challenges as she once did and create a new and better life for herself?

This is a hilarious satire chronicling the lives of local mistresses and their hustle. This book will make you laugh and shake your head at the ridiculous reality of some people.


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