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Book Review – The Pressure Cooker by Nkiru Olumide-Ojohttps://homelandreview.com/2018/05/21/the-pressure-cooker-by-nkiru-olumide-ojo/ https://homelandreview.com/2018/05/21/the-pressure-cooker-by-nkiru-olumide-ojo/#comments Mon, 21 May 2018 10:52:49 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6915 There are many ways to describe this book but I’ll call The Pressure Cooker a self-help manual. Targeted at young, ambitious and clueless career women (aka moi) in desperate need of guidance, the author shares nuggets of wisdom on everything from dealing with sexism at work, […]

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Book Review – Authentic Mamahttps://homelandreview.com/2018/05/08/book-review-authentic-mama/ https://homelandreview.com/2018/05/08/book-review-authentic-mama/#respond Tue, 08 May 2018 08:32:52 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6906 Paulina (Iye Baby) is a businesswoman/professional mistress/sugar mummy. A force of nature who rules the “red light district” of Nimbe town (so to speak). Authentic Mama takes us through maybe a year of Iye Baby’s life as she goes through a midlife crisis or realization. When […]

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Book Review – When We Speak Of Nothing By Olumide Popoolahttps://homelandreview.com/2018/01/06/when-we-speak-of-nothing-olumide-popoola/ Sat, 06 Jan 2018 11:00:45 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6867 When We Speak Of Nothing is a coming of age story about Karl, a transgender male who on top of having to deal with the constant bullying and discrimination which comes along with being different, has to take care of a mum so ill he needs […]

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Book Review – Ghana Must Go By Taiye Selasihttps://homelandreview.com/2017/11/04/book-review-ghana-must-go-by-taiye-selasi/ https://homelandreview.com/2017/11/04/book-review-ghana-must-go-by-taiye-selasi/#comments Sat, 04 Nov 2017 15:51:22 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6841 Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi Publisher: Penguin Books Release Date: January 2nd, 2014 Genre: Literary Fiction Format: Paperback Length: 318 Source: Bought Find It: Jumia Meet the Sais, a Nigerian-Ghanaian family living in the United States. A family prospering until the day father and surgeon Kweku Sai is victim of a grave […]

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Book Review – A Conspiracy Of Ravens by Othuke Ominiabohshttps://homelandreview.com/2017/09/25/book-review-conspiracy-ravens-othuke-ominiabohs/ Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:14:32 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6823 A Conspiracy Of Ravens by Othuke Ominiabohs Release Date: 2016 Genre: Crime Fiction Format: Paperback Source: Bought “Chaos most times is the perfect tool for distraction” I recall my younger sister’s first words upon reading the title of the novel. She asked if the book was about a gathering of […]

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Me And My Hair – A Personal Historyhttps://homelandreview.com/2017/08/05/me-and-my-hair-a-personal-history/ https://homelandreview.com/2017/08/05/me-and-my-hair-a-personal-history/#comments Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:36:05 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6779 When I was 7, my older sister transferred to a model college in Lagos. This school had strict rules about grooming. Everyone had to resume school with nothing more than an inch of hair on their head. I remember tagging along as my Dad escorted my sister to the barbers. Watching her cry as her glorious hair piled up […]

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Books Of August – With A Lot Of Spice!https://homelandreview.com/2017/08/01/new-nigerian-books-august/ https://homelandreview.com/2017/08/01/new-nigerian-books-august/#comments Tue, 01 Aug 2017 05:30:16 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6760 Hey Guys, Welcome to August! It has been way too long since I’ve been here… way too long. It’s hard to believe it’s August already isn’t it? Or is that just me? Are you as excited at the idea of new Nigerian books coming into […]

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My Top 10 Reads Of 2017 So Farhttps://homelandreview.com/2017/07/01/best-books-of-2017-african-literature/ https://homelandreview.com/2017/07/01/best-books-of-2017-african-literature/#comments Sat, 01 Jul 2017 17:09:12 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6690 You might think it’s too soon for the best books of 2017 list until you consider that the year is halfway gone already. Just like that. A lot of amazing things have happened this year, around and outside this blog and reading. I could write […]

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Book Review – The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotosohttps://homelandreview.com/2017/06/27/book-review-the-woman-next-door-by-yewande-omotoso/ Tue, 27 Jun 2017 13:00:20 +0000 https://homelandreview.com/?p=6677 The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso Publisher: Kachifo Farafina Release Date: May 2017 Genre: Literary Fiction Format: Paperback Length: 278 Source: Bought Find It: Jumia Hortensia James and Marion Agostino are neighbours. One is black, one white. Both are successful women with impressive careers. Both have recently been widowed. […]

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