If the bad guys won…

Arrow +The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow - Bad guys

The world is coming to an end… I said to myself once. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the intense desire of the writers at the CW to destroy the universe. Seriously, the writers on the shows highlighted in this post overlap and it amazes me how they keep finding ingenious ways to erase us all from existence. Of course, the heroes on the prospective shows manage to thwart plans that they couldn’t seem to stop at infancy at the execution stage (that’s a story for another day), but I want to explore a scenario where the writers lost control […]

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My Mind: A Reality Show? (2)

My mind a reality show

Over the years, I have always kept some form of diary. I have never been committed enough to write an entry every day but once in a while I use it as a medium to vent my frustrations. Recently, I have gotten into the habit of typing notes on my phone; At first, I was using it to ‘form busy’ when I wasn’t in the mood to talk to people but over time it became something of a a venting pad. Anyways, on the 28th of May this year, I got into it with a friend. When i say got into […]

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Oil on Water by Helon Habila

Oil on Water

In the oil-rich and environmentally devastated Nigerian Delta, the wife of a British oil executive has been kidnapped. Two journalists—a young upstart, Rufus, and a once-great, now disillusioned veteran, Zaq—are sent to find her. In a story rich with atmosphere and taut with suspense, Oil on Water explores the conflict between idealism and cynical disillusionment in a journey full of danger and unintended consequences.

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