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My Top 10 Reads Of 2017 So Far


You might think it’s too soon for the best books of 2017 list until you consider that the year is halfway gone already. Just like that. A lot of amazing things have happened this year, around and outside this blog and reading. I could write an epistle about that and maybe I will eventually. For now, I thought I’d share the books that have my reading this year magic. Longthroat Memoirs by Yemisi Aribisala 5 months after I finished reading this book, I haven’t recovered from the experience. It would be a great disservice to say this book is about […]

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April Blog WrapUp – Yes To Audio Books

Yes To Audibooks

April! April!! April!! The month I “discovered” audio books. Anyone who knows me will know I don’t particularly like experiments. I’ll do it if the potential reward is enticing enough but you won’t catch me on any adventures. There will be no bungee jumping here… Unless there’s money to be saved in the process. Then I am in!! What can I say? It’s the Ijebu in me. Which is what brought me to audio books, I just wanted to read Stay With Me, a book I had waited for almost as long as this blog has existed. The promise of […]

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Book Review – My Mind Is No Longer Here

Book Review - My Mind is no longer here - Nze Sylva - Bahati Books

“There is no motivator like hunger. It is only hunger that can make you do anything without fear” My Mind Is No Longer Here introduces us to 4 young men desperate to find green pastures away from Nigeria. Donatus, a low achiever who has quit his dead-end job; Haruna, a grieving doctor tired of the crooked Nigerian health system; Osahon, a former university frat boy/cult member wanted for murder and Chidi, a university drop-out. “Do you eat degree? (…) Have you been hungry before and you just brought out your certificate and look at it and the hunger disappeared?   […]

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