Book Review – Easy Motion Tourist

Book Review - Easy Motion Tourist - Leye Adenle - Nigerian Crime Fiction - Homeland Reviews

Easy Motion Tourist goes into the Lagos many of us refuse to acknowledge, even as we move through it every day. This Lagos is cutthroat, hungry, enterprising and dangerous. When we join this story, things are shaky at best. The tension is high, everyone is on edge and all it takes is a single impulsive act of violence to blow everything up.   Then comes in Guy Collins, a guy who has no business being in Lagos but has something to prove to himself. Not only did he volunteer to travel down to Nigeria to cover the elections, despite his […]

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March Blog Wrapup – Chinua Achebe Rules

March was something of a bland month. I don’t know what it is, a lot of activities happened in March yet I can’t seem to point to one thing that makes the month stand out. What’s up with that? Despite that I feel some type of way about March, there are a number of things  I should be happy about. For one, I started my exercise regimen again… I don’t think I mentioned it here before, but I am a Pilates gal. I stopped exercising regularly a while back and even though I hated how weak I got, I just couldn’t get […]

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